Vicky Sanchez

Name:: Vicky Sánchez.
Date of Birth: Dicembre 20th,1983.
Lugar de nacimiento: Valencia, España.
Height: 165 cm.
Weight: 49 kg.
Education: University Degree in Marina Biology.
Languages: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese
Sponsors: Starboard, Severne, DaKine, Streamlined, Choco Fins, Pimp, Water Sports Center "Las Antipodas"
Favorite Discipline: Freestyle and Wave.
Favorite Trick: Ponch and Pushloop.
Favorite trick completed: 1 handed Funnel & Shove-It.
Trick in process: Burner and Toad.
Preferred board: Starboard Flare 88 & Quad 66
Preferred sail: Severne XS-1 in 3.6 and S-1 in 4.0.
Ideal conditions: Logo high wave + Side Off Right wind.
Favorite spot: Jericoacoara, Brazil.
Best male windsurfer: Gollito and Victor Fernandez.
Best female windsurfer: Sarah Quita and Daida Ruano.
Movies: Beetlejuice, R. Rabbit y Austin Powers.
Music: U2, Keane, Sting,The Doors, The Who, B182
Favorite food: Sushi & Chocolate.
Personality: Happy, humble, funny, positive and strong-willed.
Dislikes: Falseness and violence.


It all began September 2004 when I caught the ferry to the island of Tenerife with the sole intention of completing my last two years of university in a program dedicated to Marine Biology. However, everything changed. My discovery wasn’t the marine depths of the Canary Islands, but rather a sport that would change my life. Change my philosophy of life, my dreams and my objectives completely. Windsurfing.

In a short period of time the fun turned into a passion and then the passion became an Ambition.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I wanted to take it a bit further, to dedicate myself professionally to windsurfing. I realized that I didn’t want anything else as much as this. I wanted to give myself the chance to try it. It didn’t matter how much it was going to cost me, nor the difficulties that could present themselves. It was my dream and I would work hard for it!